Our Capabilities

With our team and our solution partners:

Developing Autonomous Algorithms

We develop and test autonomous software algorithms for the products we design.

– Lane tracking algorithm.

– Path finding system withot lanes,

– Leader tracking algorithm,

– Obstacle detection algorithm

– We develop and test autonomous algorithms for the products that we design.

-Indoor and Outdoor Mapping

-Pedestirian and Soldier Detection 

Embedded System Software Development

Embedded System Software is among the key stones of Defense and Aviation Sector. An embedded system is one that has one or more microcontrollers or microprocessors in it that are specialized for a task. Many buried systems are designed and produced within the scope of system development activities we are conducting. The software of all the embedded systems that are produced is developed by a specialized software team in our company. Systems and activities where embedded software is used extensively include:

Embedded systems; stable operation, multitasking, and low power consumption are the essentials of unmanned systems that we have developed. It is especially important to develop these systems nationally in the products designed for the defense industry.

Our products are contain;

The master control card,

The sensor card,

Communication unit,

Engine control and electronic traction systems,

Black box,

We develop embedded system software of our various electronic equipment such as power management system.

Design and Analysis

All of the products we develop are meet industry quality standards.

Object-Oriented Software

Our products are designed with easy-to-use software by our robot control unit.

Electronics-Hardware Design

Critical electronic components such as power systems, communication systems, main control systems of our products are developed and tested by our team.