As NextHorizons;

We develop modern, national and original systems for human security.


We are developing algorithms that can be customized to specific areas of use in order to perform the given task in the best possible way.


We Evolve the systems that work independently from users.


In our point of view; a robot, have to play active roles in tasks and therefore, it should be used in different jobs. With the different tasks we have developed, you are able to use our products in various tasks.


We focus on your needs, not ours.


We  test the robot on military standards so that our robot can work on demanding conditions.


We are developing easy-to-use and simple systems with user experience consulting from academic circles.

Our Vision

To be a company that adds value to the environment With the national technologies and world-class technology  that we has developed, 

Our Mission

Ensure the  human safety.

Our Values

Continuously learn and develop..


Our Capabilities

With our expert engineering team in these fields;

Embedded System Design

With our  engineer team, we  design  embedded cards which  we use in our robot and integrate another robots.

Mechanical and Industrial Design

We design which is based on mechanical and industrial field military standards and have innovation.

Software / Autonomous Algorithms

With our software, our robots are able to work autonomously and have the capacity to operate for a long time without errors.